Mild Dermatographia

Things I Want to Do


I’m still massively naive and optimistic, so here’s a list of things I’d like to do at some point or another (or at least take a shot at), in no particular order. Maybe I’ll turn it into a living documente like the hiking doc at some point.

  • Build my own legged (quadruped) robot a-la-Boston Dynamics Spot/ANYbotics ANYmal
  • Build a torso-mounted robot I can co-drum with
  • Write my own CAD software (or at least a super basic one)
  • Join a band
  • Learn how to sing properly
  • Write a book. I don’t want to publish it or anything, I just want to take all the disparate ideas I’ve been accumulating and turn them into something
  • Create my own RPG system.
  • Run a D&D (or other game system) campaign from start to finish (got about halfway through one before life got in the way)
  • Hike a mountain taller than 3000m
  • Hike a mountain taller than 4000m
  • Climb a mountain taller than 5000m
  • Do a week+ trek through remote terrain (either geographically isolated like Torngat or Baffin Island, or somewhere high altitude or challenging enough to thin out the herd)
  • Get to the higher bouldering difficulties at the local gym
  • Move somewhere closer to nature
  • Learn how to make clothes
  • Move to the same place as my significant other and finally get to spend with time post-insanity