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Review: The Goblin Emperor


I recently finished The Goblin Emperor and found it… good? It definitely didn’t blow my mind, but what I think it wanted to do (be a hybrid coming-of-age/palace-politics story), it did well. I’m afraid this review won’t be very clever, because I was merely whelmed by this book. Some random notes:

  • The use of traditional fantasy races (goblins and elves) feels lazy; they’ve existed for centuries, why not do something new?
  • Character names were super long. I usually have trouble keeping track of single-syllable names, so for this, I just remembered the shape of character’s names
  • The pronoun switch-up was a neat little touch which felt naturally after a few chapters
  • Reading something in a fantasy setting that isn’t sprawling battles and massive displays of magic was nice for a change

So yeah, a solid 3/5; expectations met, would recommend.