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My Saved Articles


I posted a while ago that I have a Git repo with all my saved web content. I figured I’d compile a list of the articles I’ve kept since starting my little archive, alongside a quick (probably not accurate) description of each. I’ve organized the content of each category with my favorites/must-reads of each above the ... and everything else below, each subset in no particular order. I’ll hopefully remember to keep this up to date as I add save more content. I won’t add to this post, since it’ll be impossible to determine what was added when if looking for new content. I’ll make a V2 if anything in a few months.


Educational content with code snippets, workflows, concrete recommendations, etc.

Software and Society



Dothraki, Michael Scott, Philosophy, Satire, SpongeBob, and all kinds of other stuff I really should sort.

Life Advice and Productivity

Blogs, Small Web and Critiquing the Modern One

  • Reclaim Technology - Thomas Wang - Removed from