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I’ve written two articles with things on the internet I’ve found worth sharing; this is the third entry, coming in ten months after the second, which itself came five months after the first. Despite the time gap being twice as large, the list certainly isn’t; I suspect this has to do with my slow decline into giving up and increase in vapid social media usage. While I have a draft on the topic written up, I suspect it’ll be relegated to my diary instead, since I’m fairly afraid of the reaction it would garner from the few, if any, people who read this. I also think I get most of the value out of writing things down, rather than sharing them.

I’ve kept a similar stucture as before. Again, if you click on a link and find that it’s dead, send me an email at, and I can send you a raw HTML copy; it won’t work well for articles that rely on images heavily, but better than nothing, I suppose.

A special “fuck you” to substack for making it so that their exported html doesn’t contain the actual text, but rather a request to retrieve the text. Another callout for Read Something Interesting for putting the entire article in an iframe.


Educational content with code snippets, workflows, concrete recommendations, etc.

Software/Science and Society



A new category dedicated to people sharing their life experience. I realized “Life Advice and Productivity” was too reductive (although some do have excellent lessons hidden in them), and “Society” is maybe a bit adjacent, since these don’t comment on society at large.

  • When My Wife Developed Alzheimer’s, the Story of Our Marriage Kept Us Connected - I’m young and naive about the world, about relationships. I’m scared of the possibility of something happening to myself, or my partner, or hypthetical children. I’ve either cried or come close to tears every time I read this article, and I can never tell if it’s because I find it inspiring or horrifying. I’m afraid that reading it doesn’t help me feel as though, if something went wrong, I’d have the strength to handle it, but moreso that I’d rather live my life alone to avoid inevitably letting down my partner if something happened, and I feel terrible for feeling that way. Maybe with time, my perspective will change. I really hope it does.
  • Why I Couldn’t Get Over My Brother’s Death - Loss, prolonged grief disorder, and the stages of grief finally cumulating in acceptance
  • … (both are excellent and easily worth the read)


Stopping time for speeches, corndogs, intelligent monsters, etc.

Life Advice and Productivity

Blogs, Small Web and Critiquing the Modern One

Nothing to put here this time. Not for lack of interest (Substack has certainly renewed my hatred of modern web trends!), just lack of content stumbled upon.

  • A Picture of Me - I wish I could remember what this article was about. It was apparently worth saving, but I’m too late to this round of archiving articles to remember why.