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My Saved Articles 2


Well, it’s been a few months, so here’s a new list of articles I’ve found and saved since the previous post. I’ve tried to keep the structure the same as before, minus the author names because of laziness. Once more, my standout articles are above the ..., while everything else is below it, unless the entire category is unsorted. It’s been a few months since I’ve read some of these articles, so the descriptions may be less than precise on occassion, sorry in advance!

If you click on a link and find that it’s dead, send me an email at, and I can send you a raw HTML copy; it won’t work well for articles that rely on images heavily, but better than nothing, I suppose. If you try clicking on a link that has (Gemini) beside it, click that link to find out about Gemini :)


Educational content with code snippets, workflows, concrete recommendations, etc.

Software/Science and Society



Fantasy, butterflies, pyramid schemes, deadly sausages, pepsi fighter jets, and more.

Life Advice and Productivity

Blogs, Small Web and Critiquing the Modern One

  • None this time! For now.