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Music I'm Listening To 2


Well, it’s been a third of a year, so I figured I’d create a second version of this.

Proggy Froggy

One of my siblings is a big fan of Zeal and Ardor and I’ve finally managed to get into their stuff a bit. For those not familiar, their music is a hybrid of black metal and slave songs or, as Gagneux, their lead singer, so eloquently put it,

what if American slaves had embraced Satan instead of Jesus?

“Ship on Fire” has some fun drum patterns and cult chanting, while “Stranger Fruit” is eerie and slightly horrifying, like something you’d see in Outlast or similar survival video games.

“Fix The Error” by Between the Buried and Me goes all over the place, has a stupid triple (quadrupal?) drum solo a minute in, and I love it. “Running Low” by Leprous is an very operatic song with a creepy violin section near the end that belongs in Bloodborne. I’m not even sure if it would be considered metal at all, it’s hard to categorize.

Disgusting Filth

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Nordic-based metal bands. “Zavali Ebalo” by Slaughter to Prevail is what would happen if Brand of Sacrifice had made “Vortex (Interdimensional Spiral Hindering Inexplicable Euphoria)” instead of Make Them Suffer; lots of switch-ups, high and low screams, metalcore and deathcore sections. “The Shadowing” by Orbit Culture starts as a fairly typical metalcore song but swells into an epic Two Steps From Hell -esque final chorus. “Taivaanranta” by Atlas is big heavy and atmospheric, apocalyptic section, with traditional nordic throat-singing backing the harsh vocals. Overall, a gorgeous combo. “Hypa Hypa” by Eskimo Callboy and We Butter The Bread With Butter. I know some people think this cover didn’t need to be made, but I freaking love it. Heavy, brutal, and plain stupid.

“Echo and Dust Pt. I” by Greyhaven bops hard. I like songs which change things up throughout; three identical choruses bore me. This, alongside “Zavali Ebalo” and “Vortex”, all scratch this itch, the former in a more approachable way. “The Bad Thing” by Periphery is Periphery doing Periphery things. Lots of technicality, clean mix, Spencer has the voice of an slightly nasal angry angel, the bridge is amazing.


“Silence Is Golden” by Trash Boat is how I’d try to introduce non-metal people to metal; heavy vibes, but with almost pop-like riffs and song structure, and clean vocals. “He’s So Good” is another song of theirs which has similiar vibes.


“Spectre At The Feast” by Ihsahn is chill and well mixed. “Niombee” by Bensoul is a beautiful, laid-back song in I’m not sure what language. I’ve clearly been neglecting this genre. To be fair, I like to worldbuild and play D&D, and none of these songs really fit any of the moods that I’m trying to emulate. It doesn’t fit adventuring, or fighting, or resting, etc.


“Camel Dancefloor” and “Downgrade Desert” by Igorrr are both weird middle-east inspired grind-core songs (basically electronic when you here them though). If you want to turn up the WTF level, though, check out “Cheval” by the same artist. I’ve been revisiting Nero’s original album; “Doomsday” and “My Eyes” still slap hard.