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Beating Murphy


According to Wikipedia, Murphy’s Law is the adage that:

Anything that can possibly go wrong, does.

On your way to work? You left your phone at home. Trying to get an insurance rep on the phone? It’ll take three hours. Unless, of course, you leave the room. In which case, they’ll pick up instantly, ask if you’re there, then hang up.

While Murphy is often presented as a force of evil, I see it as an opportunity to game the system and fight back. My solution is to engineer my situation so that, regardless of the outcome, I win in some way. Take my previous example, in which we’re waiting on the phone (and the “we’re receiving a higher call volume than normal” keeps playing). We want them to pick up the phone, so we have to put ourselves in a compromising situation. Last time I was waiting, I went to the bathroom. They answered as I started washing my hands. Was it slightly frantic trying to finish up in the bathroom while also talking? Maybe, but it got them on the phone. The second time, I decided to make some food since it was about lunch time. I wish I was making this up because the timing was just too comedic, but as I put a mouthful of foodstuff into my mouthhole, they picked up. I spit out the food and took the call. Congratulations Murph, you’ve been played. If they hadn’t picked up the phone, then I would have gotten to do something I wanted to do anyways.

Obviously, not every situation you find yourself in can be gamed to have a positive outcome regardless of what happens, but it’s fun to try.