Mild Dermatographia

Hike: Zermatt, Trift, Platthorn


This past weekend, my partner and I went down to Zermatt for a weekend in the mountains. Day one, we hiked from town to the Berggasthaus Trift, a very cute little hotel nestled in a valley above Zermatt. From there, we went a good chunk of the way to the Rothornhuette before coming back down for supper. The next day, we hiked up to the Platthorn, then futzed around on the glacier between that and the Mettelhorn before returning to the hotel. The last day was along the Edelweissweg, almost to the base of the Matterhorn atop H├╝enerchnubel and back to Zermatt again along the valley floor. Some random fun happenings:

  • We could see a light from who I presume was a climber on the Trifhorn or Wellenkuppe late at night
  • We could also see the lights of the Rothornhuette from Berggasthaus Trift at night
  • We got to watch the moon rise over the mountains to the east
  • Someone mountain-biked down from the summit of the Mettelhorn to at least the Berggasthaus, and was recording their descent with a drone set to follow them
  • Walking on a glacier for the first time, a very cool experience!
  • Valais Blacknose sheep and mountain goats galore
  • Had Ovomaltine for the first time at the hotel. Pretty good and not super unhealthy either