Mild Dermatographia

Hike: Saentis, round 4


Someone I did this hike with in October of 2021 reached out to me about doing Saentis again; they had never hiked before at the time, and so had to take the cable-car down from the summit. This time, we did the full loop, starting at Wasserauen and hiking up to Ebenalp, then to Saentis, and finally back down the other side of the bowl to Wasserauen. It took about 10h30min, which is still quite a bit less than the estimates on the signs. We were moving at a solid pace, until we left Saentis and started going across the ridge towards Fliskopf. It’s pretty exposed, with a steep drop on one side, but this is mitigated by a cable to hold onto while walking along. Saentis is high enough, though, that snow isn’t melting anymore, and the trail was covered with two to three feet of snow, meaning the cable was actually below us. On top of that, it was early afternoon, and so it was partially thawed and slippery. In hindsight, it was stupid crossing that whole section between Saentis and Fliskopf, one slip would have killed us. We made to the Rotsteinpass in the end, then made our way back to Wasserauen to run and catch a once-an-hour bus with not a minute to spare.

I really enjoy this mountain range. There’s quite the diversity in terrain in a very short space, there’s a helluvalot that I still haven’t explored, and the views are absolutely gorgeous. I intend to come back again, but do a different route, perhaps hitting the Faehlensee or starting at Stein SG.