Mild Dermatographia

Hike: Chinzig Chulm


I’m heading home for the holidays in a week and a bit, and wanted to get a last hike or two in. I really enjoyed the route up the Chaiserstock and decided I’d give it a shot, and readjust my plans if necessary if conditions aren’t ideal. Well, I didn’t expect nearly a meter of snow dumped on the mountainside. The regular route past the local via ferrata was impassable, 40+ degree slopes with shear drops and lots of powder snow. The direct path up to Chinzig Chulm was also a little too steep for my taste, so I took the long route, starting at Biel, then walking along the road to Alp-K√§serei Kinzig, then up to the left of Stock, and finally along the backside of Chinzig Chulm to reach the summit.

The snow was absurdly deep at some points; I was usually between calf and knee deep in snow, if not deeper if there was a gap hidden under the snow. What should have been a 3h30min round trip from Biel to Chinzig Chulm and back ended up taking that long just to go up. I think reaching the Chaiserstock was definitely a little ambitious, especially since the chimneys leading up to the row of mountains containing Fulen and Chaiserstock were also incredibly steep and likely not safe to traverse. The weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, the snow was sparkling, and I got to see a couple deer, so I have no complaints about not getting up to my original peak.