Mild Dermatographia

Hike: Chaiserstock


I’ve come to realize that putting all my hikes in a single doc is pretty inefficient in terms of tracking and updating, so I’ve added a new tag for hikes, and each will get their own post. The old post will stay for posteriority, but won’t be updated. I may go back and retroactively make each hike it’s own post (with the appropriate dates on them, of course). Anyhoo.

This hike was super chill, three hours up, two down, nothing too aggressive or technical. At least, until I hit the Chaiserstock proper, which, thanks to a recent unexpected sprinkle of rain, was super slippery. I figured I didn’t want to die trying to climb an exposed cliff face with wet rocks and cut my losses. Still gorgeous even when up in the clouds, as those, mixed with the mountain pastures and copious sheep made me feel like I was somewhere in the UK.