Mild Dermatographia

Hike: Brienzer Rothorn


I intended to do this last Sunday, but ended up only sleeping three hours and figured it wasn’t worth trying on so little sleep, so I did it yesteray instead. It really was unfortunate, since on Sunday the grass was green on the south side and the sun was out, but by yesterday, a bunch of snow had been dumped on the mountain. I ended up making it within 15 minutes of the summit, but had to turn back due to some snow drifts covering up the switchbacks, with a nice steep drop on the side if I happened to slip or the snow shifted. To make up for it, a helluvalotta goats part way up.

I think this may be the lull between summer hiking and winter skiing, as there was no-one on the mountain at all and the snow was absolutely pristine. It was nice to get truly away from people.