Mild Dermatographia

Hike: Bockmattli, Round 2


I decided to do this hike again with better weather, with much more success. The route up through the pass to the summit was pre-post-holed by other hikers, making it much easier going than before. There was a bit more exposure than I was necessarily comfortable with one point, but that section was thankfully quite short before opening to a nice flat field before the summit. The view from the top was spectacular, with views of Pilatus, Grosser and Kleiner Mythen, Gross Aubrig, and Chaeserrugg (and a billion other peaks I don’t know the name of and will have to get around to hiking eventually).

I wrote a while ago how I finally found shoes that are wide enough for me. I ended up buying a pair of boots from the same company a while later to have something for hiking in dry to mildly damp conditions. Unfortunately, nothing I had was suitable for winter or wet-weather hiking, and Softstar doesn’t have any truly waterproof boots, so it was back to the grind of visiting a few outdoor specialists and trying on dozens of pairs of boots to no avail. I finally settled on the Meindl Island MFS, which at least didn’t hurt to have on.

Unfortunately, not hurting while on short walks doesn’t equal not hurting while booking it downhill; uphill and flat terrain are fine, but on the descent (of this hike and the last couple) the two smaller toes on my right foot hit the front of the boot (which curves inwards too soon) enough to cause pain lasting into the next day. I’ve visited every major outdoor store in Zurich, including one that was recommended to me specifically because I have wide feet/toe box requirements, and tried a good chunk of the models of B/C hiking they all stocked, and none have fit better. I’m not sure if I need to just give up winter/wet-weather hiking entirely, or let my feet get progressively more fucked up until some company finally decides to make mountain-ready boots which are actually shaped like human feet.