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New Theme and Gemini!


Continuing my procrastination streak, I finally got this website up and running using Gemini. Since this blog is made with Hugo, and I have no desire to dig around in it’s internals, I used the amberterm theme by Michael Clemens and messed around with the color scheme to make it light. I then followed this guide by LandChad to set up the agate Gemini server. Finally, I set up nginx and certbot on the same Vultr instance (since 3.50 a month is pretty hard to beat) for the HTML version of the website. I used a few different sources to piece together how to do the latter, but the gist of it was:

  1. Point your domain to Vultr’s DNS
  2. Install cerbot and nginx on an Arch Linux node
  3. Open the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file, replace the server_name with your website url (in my case,
  4. Run certbot using certbot –nginx –redirect -d -m youremailhere –agree-tos
  5. If automatic renewal isn’t set (see here), then maybe the guide I used will help
  6. Place your content in /usr/share/nginx/html (I ran into issues putting it somewhere else, and there’s nothing critical on here, so I didn’t bother troubleshooting)
  7. systemctl enable nginx, systemclt start nginx, and you’re good to go

Now when I make changes, I push the html and gemini output of hugo to two repos, sign into my Vultr instance, and pull both repos down into their respective directories. It’s not the most efficient thing in the world, but I’m just happy to have it working at all.