Mild Dermatographia

Duck Duck Go > Google

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I’ve used Duck Duck Go (DDG) practically exclusively for the past few years; I can’t recall the last time I used Google, other than to reinforce my decision to use DDG. DDG gives the programming related results I want every time, often with a convenient StackOverflow box on the side with some sample code immediately visible. Google’s results, meanwhile, are hidden beneath layers of SEO crap. When opening an image from the Images tab of DDG, the image takes the center of the screen, and the next row of images is pushed down out of view. When opening an image from the Images tab of Google, the image is off on the right side of the screen, and the following images, even if normally on the same row, are reflowed down and the the left, changing their layout and making it hard to track where the next image is; is it on the next line? This line? Somewhere else? In DDG, you know the next image is beside the current one and, if the current one is the end of the line, then it’ll be on the beginning of the next line below the image. You know, like it was before. My final little spat with Google is where it places personal content like blogs. If I look up my other website, it’s the second result in DDG and the 4th in Google. If I look up milddermatographia or mild dermatographia, this website is the first result in DDG, and doesn’t show up at all in Google.

Beyond the actual experience of using each search engine, Google is a pretty scummy company (although any company which sells you to advertisers is on my shit-list. Pay for services you use! (I’m aware of the irony of saying that while hosting my website for free on Github pages, I’m slowly working towards moving this to Linode or another service)).