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A Broken Clock Isn't Right Twice a Day


I decided I’d rather do this than work right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my program so far, and there’ll be an article with a bunch of gushing over the Holidays, but I also really like writing on here, despite what the lack of consistency and frequency would suggest.

Onto the actual content. Well, the title says it all. A broken clock might be right twice a day, but only if it’s broken in the “arms don’t move at all” sense. If it’s broken, as in the arms are in the wrong position, but they move at the same rate as a functioning clock, then it’ll never show the correct time. And if the clock is digital and the display is fried, then it’ll also never be correct, because it’s never BLANK O’Clock.

Join me next time when I “prove” that the egg does come before the chicken.