Mild Dermatographia

All Music Sucks


I feel like I’ve become disillusioned with music in the last month. No matter what I listened to, it just made me irrationally angry. About 3 weeks ago, I deleted my Spotify account and didn’t listen to anything for about 2 weeks. Creating a new account and coming back to music, I find I’m still not happy with anything I find. I figured I’d direct my frustration towards this pointless rant about how some genres of music are stupid.



Alternating between generic scream verses and generic clean choruses, then dropping into a brain-dead breakdown where a single note is played on the guitar for 30 seconds.

Prog Metal

Syncopation =/= clever when everyone else is doing it.


Playing fast =/= interesting.


Since the instrumental component is never interesting and the vocals are deadpan, should be defined by lyrics. Unfortunately, they’re always the same generic lifestyle bullshit about being rich and successful, or being a badass and getting laid, or some combination of the two.


Exists solely to sell trucks and reassure hicks they’re better than city slickers. Even less thematic diversity than rap, somehow.


Drug use is necessary to find interesting, which explains music festivals.


Literally the worst of every genre; the most accessible, generic lyrics with the most accessible, generic instruments, to make the most bland, milqtoast garbage.


Pop pretending it’s not.