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Update: All Music Sucks


I think I’ve found why I became fed up with music as a whole; my music organizing and listening system encouraged over-listening to a given genre.

I had organized my Spotify library into genre-specific playlists; these ranged in granularity, from incredibly course (“Pop”) to more fine (“Metalcore” vs “Deathcore” vs “Prog Metal”). When I listened to music, I usually chose one of those playlists and let it run its course. This meant that my listening experience was fairly homogenous over a single session; I think this may have led to me being burnt out, hearing the same instruments, tunings, patterns, what have you, again and again. Just like listening to a new genre feels like every song is the same, listening to a very familiar genre or subgenre can make all the songs blend together as well.

I created a new Spotify account soon after posting the previous article and took a different approach to organizing my library; I just like songs, and play the “Liked Songs” playlist. It took four years for me to burn out using my previous system, so two weeks of success doesn’t mean much, but hopefully blending songs of different genres together indiscriminently will help keep music feeling fresh.