Mild Dermatographia

I dream of Aliens


A couple years ago, I played Alien: Isolation with my sister and her friend. We didn’t get too far into the game; we definitely encountered the alien and got to a point where it became less scary/suspensful and more annoying. That said, it certainly didn’t stop my amygdala from going haywire at night; I’ve had alien nightmares every once and a while ever since. Sometimes the dreams will be months apart, other times back-to-back over nights. The broad strokes of the story are always the same: I’m in some largely populated area and have discovered an underground of sorts. The alien(s) show up and try hunting me, so I hide. They find their way to everyone else and pandomonium insues. The details change in not-that-relevant ways; sometimes it’s an airport, sometimes a mall.

Why did I bother writing this down? I haven’t the faintest idea.